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Cropsavers make a dierence! The proof is in the photos. The photo without Cropsavers on the left shows the sprayer tire driving along your trampled crop. The photo in the middle and right side with the Cropsaver has divided the crop around the wheel and the tire is running directly on the ground.

Reduce Trampling By Up To 90%

Save $6 - $15 per acre, Cropsavers® reduce trampling by 80 to 90 percent when spraying. Cropsavers pay for themselves in the rst 1,000 acres of use. Save agleaf damage when spraying fungicides or herbicides. Less volunteer grain the following year in sprayer tracks. Easier swathing, combining and tillage when grain is not trampled. Cropsavers can be used for both fungicide and pre-havest desiccation in a variety of solid seeded and row seeded crops.

• Full height adjustment and oating parallel lift moves Cropsavers away from obstacles

• Stainless steel cones with enclosed back feature a slim dividing tip

• Deector arms keep crop away from sides of the tire

• Zero maintenance with greaseless pins

• Cropsavers are fully adjustable horizontally and vertically

• Easy installation with model specic bolt on kits

• Optional airlift available to raise and lower cones.

Grain Boss: 

300 bushels per minute with GrainBoss16 and 200 bushels per minute with GrainBoss13 

360° ROTATING AUGER • Patented unloading auger eliminates need to move truck to even out loads. • Hydraulically powered drive gives operator precise control. 

PULL THROUGH ROLLERS • Patented narrow pull through roller design keeps GrainBoss inside track of bag. • Rollers drop bag eliminating need to stop production to empty bag rollers. • Elimitate extensive snow removal. 

HIGH MOISTURE BOTTOM • Available as an option it is able to break up high moisture bagged comodity. • Great for breaking up grain that has frozen or compacted due to excess moisture. • Safely store high moisture corn as feed. 

STEERABLE WHEELS • Patent-pending steerable axles allow user to align machine to the bag. • Eliminates the need to unhook the bag to realign extractor with the bag. 

FEED AUGER SYSTEM • Primary auger breaks up bagged commodity. • Patented enclosed cross auger system feeds auger to maximum capacity. 

DIRECT DRIVE WHEELS • Hydraulically driven patent-pending direct gear drive works in combination with bag roller to pull the GrainBoss through the bag. • GrainBoss will work through mud or tears in the bag.