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Walterscheid Powertrain Group is a global provider of connected and smart powertrain solutions and complete in-service support for the world’s leading off-highway and industrial equipment manufacturers. The firm continuously develops new technologies and customer solutions which deliver efficiency in the agriculture, construction, mining, utility vehicle and industrial markets and offers through life services for all powertrain products and systems between power source and power applied. With its global platform across 4 continents Walterscheid Powertrain Group is the technology partner and innovation leader to the leading, global OEMs. This together with a comprehensive aftermarket and service offering positions the group for above market long term growth.

Deeply rooted in agriculture and food production, the name Walterscheid is a synonym for high quality driveshafts that offer maximum reliability, performance and service life. Predominantly for mobile secondary drives, our product portfolio includes:


Walterscheid Driveshafts Components
Walterscheid PTO Driveshafts
Spare Parts
Driveshafts Mechanics Driveshafts®
DUJ – Double Universal Joint – Axle Shafts
CDC – Centered Double Cardan Driveshafts
CV – Constant Velocity Shafts
Round Bearing Driveshafts
DIN / XS / SAE Flanged Shafts
Heavy Duty Industrial Driveshafts
Quick Release couplings
Agmaster® PTO Driveshafts
Gearboxes ICVD® Gearboxes
Aquadrive® Systems Constant Velocity Shafts
Heavy Duty Line
Engine Mounts
Thrust bearings
Clutches Rockford Fan Clutch®
Walterscheid Clutches
Tractor-Attachment-SystemsTop Links
Lower Links
Lower Link Hooks
Stabilisation Systems
Hitch Systems Bolt-Couplings
Coupling Ball 80 Products
Hitch Frames
Piton Fix
Pick-up Hitch
Forced Steerings